Apex Watercraft Tyr Fishing Kayak

Aerospace engineering meets artisan craftsmanship in the world’s first carbon fiber fishing kayak. Call 510-893-7833 for more information.
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Overcome by the desire for a lightweight, high-performance fishing kayak, EJ decided it was time to assemble a party of experts and enthusiasts to make it a reality. Paddle powered, fast, nimble, versatile. The ingredients list is: Carbon Fiber, Epoxy, Innegra, foam core, cork, super magnets, and the ultimate paint job to finish the package. The craftsmanship that is included in this kayak is by individuals with a passion for what they do, and a track record of doing it like nobody else, and doing it with their own two hands. Hull design by Bob Blair to EJ’s specs of low draft, stable, fast, and maneuverable. Seat design by Mark Nordstrom/EJ, and inspired by race cars, Olympic racing seats in kayaks (EJ has a lot of experience with those), Plug shaping by Pat Keller, whitewater kayak designer and athlete. Production plug and mold finishing by Russ Emanis, advanced composites Guru. You will want to spend more time on the water with this kayak than ever before.   

Click HERE to see the Apex Watercraft Tyr in action!

  • Length- 12′-10”
  • Width- 36”
  • Height- 18”
  • Hull- Planing Hull- shallow draft
  • Seat- Carbon Fiber Swivel Bucket- 7” off of standing platform
  • Weight- near 40 pounds- still being determined.
  • Rod Stagers- built-in and reverse facing, pressure secured.
  • Hatch- Carbon Fiber, magnet closure.
  • Custom Cork Decking typically used on “Super Yachts” is laser etched and provides traction, a wonderful look, and sound dampening.
  • Footbraces- Custom Carbon Fiber contoured braces mounted on Yak Attack Lightweight “Geartrac”
  • Fins- Custom made ultralight carbon fiber “V shaped” low profile floating fin.
  • Paint Scheme- Airbrushed stock design with customer selection of colors at no charge. Custom Paint schemes also available at an uncharge.
  • Titanium Tyr Medallion inlayed into deck.
  • Neodymium “Super Magnets” are inlayed into boat in key areas for holding tools, lures, Paddle, tackle bag, and more.


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