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NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket

The most versatile piece in the HydroSkin line, the NRS Men's HydroSkin® 0.5 Jacket is a lightweight immersible layer constructed with thin neoprene for added insulation.

NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Pants

For lightweight immersion protection, paddlers depend on NRS Men's HydroSkin™ 0.5 Pants to comfortably paddle in the cooler months.

NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Shorts

The NRS Men's HydroSkin® 0.5 Shorts are a neoprene option that combines lightweight insulation with ideal coverage for long days paddling in cooler weather.

NRS Men's HydroSkin 1.5 Pant

Fleece lined for comfort, NRS's Men's HydroSkin® 1.5 Pants are NRS's thickest and warmest HydroSkin offering.

NRS Women's Hydroskin 0.5 Capri

Delivering lightweight neoprene insulation, the NRS Women's HydroSkin® 0.5 Capris are the ultimate immersible base layer.

NRS Women's HydroSkin 1.5 Jacket

The NRS Women's HydroSkin® 1.5 Jacket is NRS's thickest and warmest HydroSkin, in a non-restricting style that easy on and off.

NRS Women's HydroSkin 1.5 Pant

Keep your lower half toasty with the NRS Women's HydroSkin® 1.5 Pants. The stretchy, non-restrictive 1.5 mm neoprene provides the warmth you need for those cool days on the water.

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