Jackson Zen Small Red 8'2" USED 71403

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The Zen bridges the gap between river runner and creek boat, launching a new tier of speed and performance. High sidewalls provide stability, while ample volume and bow rocker keep you floating on the surface. The Zen is fast, light, and maneuverable; it allows you to fly up and over rocks, holes and waves better than ever! Whether you are looking for a forgiving, easy to roll, all-around kayak or a sporty river runner that surfs as well as it creeks, then the Zen is for you! Available in three sizes.


Max paddler (lbs): 90 to 155
Size (inseem + footsize): 0 to 45
Cockpit Size: 32.5" x 19"
Height: 13.5"
Length: 8' 2"
Material: Linear Poly
Seat Type: Whitewater w/ Seat Pad
Volume: 68
Weight (Pounds): 39
Width: 24"

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