Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 360 12 Artic Blue Camo

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Kick-up Features:

Fins! The 360 Drive mast link system causes the turbo fins to kick-up on impact with underwater obstacles such as rocks, logs, kelp, etc., and they automatically redeploy when the obstacle has been cleared and pedaling has resumed. This feature will significantly reduce the chances of damage to the drive, such as bent masts.

Rudder and Skeg also Kick-up, and also automatically redeploy.

Injection-Molded Drive Well is specially designed to house the 360 steering mechanism. Because of the necessary well modification, the 360 drive is not retrofittable to the original Pro Anglers, or any other Mirage-driven product.


MirageDrive 360 Weight: 9.5 pounds of pure performance and versatility!

Ergonomic Carrying Handle built into the 360 Drive makes it comfortable and easy to handle.

360 Drive Insertion/Removal: The steering system effortlessly engages with the Drive in the well upon insertion. The Click and Go is positioned at the rear of the well for easy removal of the Drive from the well.

Pedal Crank Length Adjustment couldn’t be any easier with new trigger pulls, featuring eight adjustment points to allow even more fine-tuning for those in-between leg lengths.

Exclusive Color: A boat this unique requires its own defining color. The 2020 Color Option is Arctic Blue Camo, a striking look that will have a strong appeal to outdoor sport enthusiasts no matter their chosen activity.

Safety Flag Kit is included as standard equipment on the PA 360 Series.


Standard Equipment: All of the great features found on the MD 180 versions of the PA 12s and 14s, including the Guardian transducer mounting system, are standard on the PA 360 Series.

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