Jackson Karma Medium Lime 8'6" USED 16107

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Jackson Karma has speed, stability, and maneuverability. The rocker profile on the Karma makes for easy downstream paddling over waves and holes. It really blasts through most problems. The Karma adds more hull speed into and out of drops that carry you past … well things you don’t want anything to do with. The Karmas huge sidewalls lend to great secondary stability, plus it keeps you drier and faster. Water shedding deck makes for a predictable resurfacing. We’ll be using the Karma for some of our harder river racing. Why? Well this is directly due to the shape of the hull rocker, hull, and dry bow. Fast, stable, and forgiving this crazy great design turns predictably, nails boofs, and floats over most things in its way with speed and grace.



Weight: 45 lbs

Length: 8’6″

Width: 26”

Height : 14.5”

Volume: 86 gal

Ideal Weight Range: 140-220 lbs

Cockpit Dimensions: 35” x 20.25”

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