Jackson Traverse 9 Red 9'8" USED 89736

Photo representation only, not actual Kayak.
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To quote Tosh Arwood, head of the instruction program at NOC: "It's exciting to imagine a crossover that has the heritage of the Karma and Karma UL in it". This will be two boat series, this being the larger, to replace the Rogues, and need to look and be more whitewater oriented than the Rogues but still maintain stability and user friendliness for beginnners. With the Karma (and UL/RG) being universally praised for its predictability and stability, we have a great starting point. A similar hull profile to the Karma, stretched out a bit for a longer, more versatile boat. Maintains look, parting lines, and similar rocker profile to Karma . Feature rich...day hatch with pod, possible short recessed YakAttack rail beside cockpit, etc to set apart from competition and justify higher price. Primarily targeted to the novice to intermediate paddler, this boat will also double as a multi-day trip for advanced paddlers who want a shorter and more nimble boat than the Karma RG. Replacing the soft hatch with the optional implosion-proof "Hard Hat" rear hatch-cover accessory make the Traverse truly expedition-ready.


Max paddler (lbs): 110 to 180
Size (inseem + footsize): 0 to 100
Length: 9'8"
Width: 25.5"
Cockpit Size: 34.5" x 20"
Height: 14"
Material: Linear Poly
Rear Hatch: Yes; Oval, 16 1/4″ X 11 3/8″
Rudder Type:Skeg
Seat Type: WW w/ Seat Pad
Total Capacity: 270
Volume: 86
Weight (Pounds): 48

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