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Complete pickup truck bed system with innovative height adjustability and wind tunnel-optimized aerodynamics.

Suspenz Boat Rack Deluxe - 3 Boat

The Deluxe Triple Kayak and Canoe Rack provides a unique and efficient storage solution utilizing the superior Deluxe Rack and 3-Boat Free-Standing Frame for up to 3 kayaks or canoes.

Hobie Livewell XL

The Livewell XL* includes a 6V sealed gel cell battery and has an adjustable two-level capacity (6 gal/22.71 L and 11 gal/41.64 L).

Hobie Mirage Sail Kit

Enjoy added power without complications. The sail kit can be added to any Hobie Mirage Kayak or Pro Angler, and it makes sailing fun and easy.

Hobie Livewell V2

The newly redesigned Hobie Livewell V2 sports a fresh color scheme, modern lines and more built-in features than ever before.

Malone Telos XL Load Assist Module MPG351XL

The Telos™ temporarily attaches to the J-style carriers (DownLoader™, J-Loader™ and AutoLoader™) and provides a safe way to vertically raise the kayak from waist height into a position where it can easily be loaded into the carrier.

Hobie Boat Cover AI Custom 2015+

PN# 72058
Kayak Cover / Ai Custom 2015+
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