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NRS MightyLight Dry Sack

The NRS MightyLight Dry Sack protects that roll of paper towels in your kitchen kit, the dainty bits in your overnight bag, or the snacks in your day hatch, without taking up valuable space, or too much of your budget.

The MightyLight slides easily insid

NRS Float Bag Rodeo Pair 28x13x3

Boat Type: Kayak

Material: 10-gauge urethane material
28" Length x 9" Depth x 13" Width x 3" Width at end

Lifetime warranty

NRS Float Bag Kayak Standard MD 37x11x19

Boat Type: Kayak Material: 10-gauge urethane material 
Dimensions: 37" Length x 11" Depth x 19" Width x 3" Width at end
Inflation Tube Length:38"

Lifetime warranty


Sold individually

Nose Plug Smiley

Smiley's Kayak Nose Plugs

Adjustable nose wire
Padded rubber foam
Lanyard to attach to helmet or PFD

Kokatat Poseidon PFD

Kokatat Poseidon PFD

500D Cordura® outer shell
Gaia® PVC-free foam
Front entry design
Removable Poseidon Full Chest Pocket accessory
Add on accessory pockets available
Front and center webbing adjustments
Wide, contoured neoprene shoulder straps for unsu
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