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NRS Flux Drytop

The NRS Men's Flux Drytop's innovative waterproof-breathable Eclipseâ„¢ fabric and action-cut design gives kayakers the ultimate combination of dryness, durability and comfort.

NRS Farmer John 3.0 Wetsuit

The NRS Men's 3.0 Farmer John wetsuit provides excellent, affordable comfort and warmth.

NRS Women's High Tide Splash Jacket

Whether you're paddling into the shoulder season or into the storm, the lightweight NRS Women's High Tide Jacket provides versatile protection against the elements with an articulated hood and quick-venting, half-zip neck.

NRS Men's High Tide Splash Jacket

From rainy days to splashy waves the NRS Men's High Tide Jacket features an articulated hood and quick-venting, half-zip neck for adaptable protection in unpredictable conditions.
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