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Pyranha Scorch (add $50 ship in)

This is the boat for dry-hair days on local creeks, dialling in moves and lines, and packing those lessons up and carrying them through to the wildest missions and expeditions you can dream of. Call 510-893-7833 for availability. 



Pyranha Rebel (kid's Whitewater Kayak)

Meet the Pyranha Rebel. We heard what kids wanted and made it. The Rebel is a really cool looking, easy to paddle kayak that is as comfortable and as stable as possible.

Pyranha Machno

When you're in the Machno, you'll almost feel as though time has been slowed down as you glide in to the rapids. May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

Pyranha Fusion II Medium (add $50 ship in)

With the Fusion II, you can combine both whitewater and touring to create bigger adventures. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



Pyranha Fusion II Orange Soda Small 9'8" USED SALE!

Call Rancho Cordova store for info on this and other used whitewater kayaks
916 851 3600


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