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Hobie Mirage Sail Kit

Enjoy added power without complications. The sail kit can be added to any Hobie Mirage Kayak or Pro Angler, and it makes sailing fun and easy.

Hobie Mirage Passport 12 Thermoform CLOSEOUT

Closeout SALE! $1399 Thermoform
Now powered by the MirageDrive with Glide Technology & Kick-Up Fins! Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



3 Waters Big Fish 105 V2 (add $60 ship in) SALE

The Big Fish offers everything you need to fish your favorite lake or river, in a smaller more compact and affordable package. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

Hobie Mirage Outback SALE!

Hobie Mirage Outback Superior Design and Performance.



Pyranha Machno

When you're in the Machno, you'll almost feel as though time has been slowed down as you glide in to the rapids. May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



Jackson Knarr FD CLOSEOUT

CLOSE-OUT Special only $3149 Reg price $4199
Jackson Kayak conquers the water with a completely new fishing platform for 2022. Introducing the Knarr FD, a kayak 100% dialed in on the challenges presented by oceans and large lakes. Bring on the surf, cur



Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem

Stretched-out and spacious, performance-oriented and powered by the elegant, easy-to-use MirageDrive + Kick-Up Fins.



P&H Virgo

The Virgo is a compact but uncompromising sea kayak for weekend warriors, at a length which provides ample hull speed for short to medium journeys whilst keeping the boat weight to a minimum.



Pyranha Firecracker (add $50 ship in)

The Firecracker is a #HalfSizeHalfSlice



Feel Free Lure 11.5 V2 (add $40 ship in) SALE!

The Lure 11.5 offers the perfect balance of comfort, deck space, mobility and stability. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

Valley Gemini SP RM

The SP takes the cake on performance in rough conditions due to greater bow volume, increased rocker, and harder chines. May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



Tidelog Book Northern California SF Bay 2024 Black

Including San Francisco Bay and Delta, south to Monterey Bay and north to the Nehalem River.

Pyranha Scorch (add $50 ship in)

This is the boat for dry-hair days on local creeks, dialling in moves and lines, and packing those lessons up and carrying them through to the wildest missions and expeditions you can dream of. Call 510-893-7833 for availability. 



Feel Free Aventura 125 V2 w/Skeg (add $40 ship in)

The all new Aventura V2 features a large accessible cockpit, padded comfort seat and adjustable high backrest along with some updates to improve your paddling experience. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

P&H Delphin 155

The P&H Delphin is a sea kayak that river paddlers looking to expand their horizons will feel instantly at home in, and that allows experienced seafarers to rediscover and build upon the same excitement felt when they first took to the waves.



Hobie Quest 13 Deluxe Seagrass Green 13' USED

Hobie Quest 13
This item requires a special shipping quote.  Please call 510-893-7833 or e-mail [email protected] for a quote.


Valley Sea Kayak Valley Gemini ST FG

Valley Gemini ST FG

Moderately rockered, good stability, long waterline and a fine bow ensure the ST tracks well and gives it a touring speed better than many longer kayaks.
May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

$3,450.00 $3,450.00


Snap Dragon Glacier Tour Exp Breathable Sprayskirt

Expedition durability with a waterproof, breathable Sympatex tunnel and the Dragon Collar makes this skirt ideal for extended trips.


Jackson Kayak Jackson Rock Star 4.0 SALE!

Jackson Rock Star 4.0 SALE!

Designed to give you more pop and air than ever before, the Rockstar 4.0 is the most “aerial” boat Jackson has ever made. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

$1,399.00 $899.00


Valley Gemini SP FG

The SP's increased rocker, greater bow volume, harder chines, and flatter mid-hull cross-section, all contribute to its performance in the rough. May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



Current Designs Libra Consign AK Ivory 21' 6" USED

Photo representation of kayak model only. Call 510-893-7833 for more info.




Valley Sea Kayak Valley Nordkapp Forti K/C SALE

Valley Nordkapp Forti K/C SALE

The Førti (Norwegian for forty) is the latest version of undoubtedly the most influential sea kayak ever produced, the Nordkapp! Call 510-893-7833 for availability.

$4,695.00 $3,499.00


P&H Delphin II 155 2021 Lava 15'7" USED

Call 510 893 7833 for more info



Jackson Bite Angler CLOSEOUT SALE!

SALE $699 MSRP $1099
The Bite Angler is the perfect combination of comfort, smart and innovative design offered as a great value for anglers.
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