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Epic 18X Double Ultra White/Red 22' (add $150 ship in)

The 18X double has been optimized to give intermediate to advanced touring paddlers a distinct edge in high-performance double sea kayaking. Call 510-893-7833 for more info



Epic 14X Ultra White/Red 14'5" (add $120 ship in)

The Epic 14X is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, efficient, and responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water. May say out of stock. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.



Epic V5 Ultra White/Red 14'3" USED

Call 510 893 7833 for info on this and other used paddle crafts!



Epic V5 Performance White/Black 14'3" (add $120 ship in)

Excellent stability allows beginners to jump on and paddle with confidence and give more experienced paddlers a short, stable surfski to use in big or rough conditions. Call 510-893-7833 for availability.


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