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Sweet Strutter Helmet 2022 Deep Purple Metallic

The most iconic helmet in paddlesport, originally designed in 1997

Sweet Wanderer II Glossy Fluo

The Wanderer II helmet is an updated version at a lower price.

Sweet Wanderer Helmet Dirt Black SM/MD

Sweet Protection Wanderer: An all-round river helmet now at reduced price.

Sweet Bearsuit Elbow Guards

The elbows are a pointy part of the body and inevitably fall victim to unintentional touchdowns. Clean your wounds and apply a bandage, or go with the Bearsuit Elbow Pads.


Sweet Protection Sweet Rocker Fullface Helmet SALE!

Sweet Rocker Fullface Helmet SALE!

25% off MSRP $ Price

$349.95 $262.45

Excl. tax