California Canoe & Kayak Fishing Team


California Canoe & Kayak is your premier kayak fishing retailer in Northern California. We have Hobie fishing kayaks available to demo and buy. We are represented on the water by a professional team of kayak anglers who love nothing more than to share their passion with our customers.  We are proud that our team members belong to the Hobie Fishing Team.

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Drew Petzel - Hobie/CCK Team Member

Drew began his fishing journey in 2018 after buying a rod and reel combo, while exploring the sport on YouTube and various social media platforms. This curiosity eventually led to him to buy his own kayak and begin his own journey.

What started as a casual interest soon sparked into a passionate hobby that led him to explore the many different fisheries found along the coast, lakes and rivers.

In Northern California Drew targets salt-water species such as King Salmon, California Halibut, White Sturgeon, Lingcod and Rockfish. Additionally, he targets freshwater species such as: Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, Rainbow and Brown Trout and Catfish, making him a well-rounded angler and a great ambassador to the kayak fishing community.  

In August of 2021, Drew moved down to Southern California and now is blessed to chase Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Calico and Spiny Lobsters. Drew will continue under team CCK as their Southern California representative.

Keith Nguyen - CCK/Hobie Team Member

aka TLA


Keith Nguyen (The Lost Anchovy), and is an avid kayak fisherman in Northern California. He started fishing 10 years ago in the bay and ocean targeting large predatory fish like the California halibut, King Salmon, and Coastal Rock Fish. 

His passion for the sport and kayak fishing community drove him to create, a kayak fishing website, blog, and tutorial. The website is an organized body of knowledge to help any angler improve their kayak fishing ability.

Keith is a member of NCKA (NorcalKayakAnglers) since 2008, and is the tournament director for the Alameda Rock Wall Halibut tournament.

You will often see TLA spending the summer months, organizing fishing events and seminars or chasing large halibut, salmon, rockfish and striped bass along the coast, and the winter targeting crab and sturgeon. His favorite fish is the California halibut. 




Jared Alconcher - CCK Team Member

Jared's fishing journey began during his childhood, off the piers in Seattle. Since 2003, he's continued his aquatic adventures all over the Bay Area, fishing for whatever's in season. The anticipation of the next strike keeps life interesting for Jared, who always has fish on his mind.

His long sessions on the water allow him to bring elite knowledge and personal experience to each and every drop and cast. He looks forward to future trips targeting larger species outside the Bay. He is a fisherman first, a freelance graphic designer second. 

Ako Culver - CCK Team Member

Started fishing in 1990 in the Santa Cruz harbor fished beaches and lakes for over 30 years started kayaking in 2014 over the last 9 years I have targeted almost every species of fish on the west coast and look forward to doing some traveling for new challenges. My favorite fish to target are halibut salmon and white seabass I usually fish Santa Cruz to Monterey because they’re are close and it allows me to fish 12-16 hour days grinding out limits and mapping out where the fish are. Favorite thing about kayak fishing is the freedom you have to explore and make your own path.