North Shore Sea Kayaks

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North Shore Aspect LV RM SALE

North Shore Aspect LV RM

Length: 14'3"
Width: 23"
Leg Clearance depth at front of cockpit: 12.7"

Standard Features
A short easy to paddle kayak that offers fun to children and adults alike.Good forward tracking combined with unparalleled



North Shore Aspect RM SALE

Length: 14'9"
Width: 23.5"
Deck Height: 12" 
Weight: 50 lbs
Paddler Height: 5'10"-6'4"
Paddler Weight: 180 lbs -240 lbs



North Shore Atlantic RM SALE

Length: 16'11"
Width: 22"
Weight: 54 lbs
Three layer polyethylene shell, giving a very stiff and robust Kayak.3 Hatches and bonded in foam bulkheads.Comfortable seat and thigh braces.Adjustable Yakima footrest.Retractable Skeg.Perfect for coastal touring,


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