Bilge Pumps and Paddle Floats

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Beckson Bilge Pump Float Yellow

Fits kayak or standard bilge pump

Beckson Bilge Pump, Short 16.25" w/o Float

This pump designed is specifically with the Sea-Kayaker in mind.

NRS Boat Sponge

The Boat Sponge can absorb up to 36 ounces (1.1 liters) of water at a time.

NRS Foam Paddle Float

A paddle float is an essential piece of safety gear. The NRS Foam Paddle Float secures easily to your paddle blade by sliding the blade into the nylon fabric pocket on the back.

NRS Kayak Bilge Pump

The NRS bilge pump makes it easy to remove unwanted water from any open boat.

Riverstones Paddle Float

This indispensable self rescue device has dual air chambers with twist air valves.

Sea to Summit Solution Foam Paddle Float

The Solution Foam Paddle float turns your paddle into an outrigger to stabilize your kayak in the event of a capsize, making re-entry easier.
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