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NRS Women's Nora PFD

The women's specific NRS Nora PFD offers female boaters a basic life jacket with a ventilated, thin-back design for comfort in any raft or kayak seat.

Astral YTV PFD

Pure and simple, the YTV incorporates Astral’s freestyle inspired Torso Lock™ foam platform. A low-profile fit offers plenty of mobility to a wide range of paddlers and sailors.

Stohlquist Glide 50% off Close out

Soft foam and Graded Sizing! The Glide features a thin back design offering more coverage and ensuring compatibility with any seat back style.

NRS Women's Shenook PFD SALE!

Purpose-built for female anglers, the Shenook fishing PFD has all of the features of our best-selling Chinook with women's cut and styling.

NRS Women's Siren PFD

The low-profile NRS Women's Siren PFD uses a six-panel design of supple foam to wrap the body in ultra-comfy protection and create an athletic fit for optimal range of motion.


Stohlquist Women's Escape PFD Closeout 50% off SALE!

Stohlquist Women's Escape PFD Closeout 50% off SALE!

This Stohlquist women’s model has perfectly shaped foam in the chest for a feminine fit.

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