Water Bottle Suction Cup Adjustable BLACK

NEW AND IMPROVED ARTICULATING MODEL! Tech Specs Size: 3.5" wide and 6" long. Features •Polycarbonate water bottle cage that will fit all major water bottle brands. •On/Off switch to activate suction. •Fits to any smooth surface.
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No matter who is paddling and where, you can never escape the basic human necessity for staying hydrated. Suction SUP integrated a polycarbonate plastic cage that is sturdy yet has flex in case of an accidental fall. It will hold all of the major brand water bottles so users can keep their favorite water bottle handy while paddling. T

The high powered suction cup has an on/off switch that allows users to know when their bottle is securely fastened to the deck of their SUP. It works on any smooth surface so it is perfect for SUP's, boats or canoes and kayaks.

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