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Epic Active Touring Carbon

Blade Width: 7.1" (18 cm)Blade Length: 18.7" (47.5 cm)Surface Area: 106 in2 (685 cm2) Weight: 24 oz (680 grams)

Epic Relaxed Touring Carbon

The Epic Relaxed Touring paddle is lightweight, stable and exceedingly smooth.

Werner Ikelos Carbon Adj 200-220

The award winning Ikelos is the smart choice for those playing or cruising with a high-angle style of paddling and wanting the powerful feel of a full-sized blade.

Werner Shuna Carbon Bent Shaft 2PC

The perfect paddle for the coastal play environment, or for those who want a conservative feel through the water to make the miles pass with ease.

Werner Cyprus Carbon Small Shaft 2PC

The Cyprus is the most advanced high-angle paddle, with the best paddling design and construction features.

Werner Cyprus Carbon 2PC

The Cyprus is the most advanced high-angle paddle, with the best paddling design and construction features.

Werner Camano Fiberglass 2PC Bent Shaft

The Camano  will provide enough power to cover a day’s journey with ease while using a relaxed all around low angle stroke. 

Epic Wing Mid Club Carbon

The award-winning Epic Mid Wing paddle has become the top choice for fitness and racing paddlers, and increasingly, touring kayakers who want to maximize the potential of their forward stroke.

Epic Wing Small Mid Club Carbon

This slightly trimmed-down design has broadened the appeal of the wing paddle, making it ideal for smaller paddlers, cruisers and racers paddling long distances, and those who simply seek a smaller option to maximize their efficiency.

Werner Stikine Carbon 1PC

The Stikine uses the most advanced technology in this river running paddle.

Werner Trance 95 Carbon Leverlock

The Trance has all the balance and buoyancy but by using an advanced full carbon layup we are able to achieve staggering low weights.

Werner Trance 85 Carbon Leverlock

For the paddler looking to go further, faster and stay on the water longer the 15.5 ounce weight, along with smooth stable strokes is going to make the Trance a must have.

Werner Surge 1PC Bent R30

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high impact resistant fiberglass layup.

Werner Player Fiberglass Bent Shaft 1PC

This Werner design innovation gives immediate directional control in rudder and draw strokes, for surfing or setting up today's most advanced tricks.
194 R30

Werner Sherpa Fiberglass Bent Shaft 1PC

The Sherpa offers Bomber reliability, tested and proven where it counts.
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