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Sealect Designs Deck Bungee Kit

This kit comes with everything that you need to add an additional deck bungee to any kayak.

Kayak Deck Fitting Single Loop Kit

Parts Included:

 Kayak Deck Fitting Single Loop (2)
 10-32 x 1" Bolt (2)
#10 Flat Washer (2)
10-32 Nyloc Nut (2)
 #10 Well Nut (2)

Length: 1-1/4"
Width: 1/2"
Fastener: #10OH
Weight: .01lbs

#10-32 x 1" Pan Head w/ Nyloc Nut and Washer (6 Pack)

From deck rigging to holding in rudder cable, to putting in a new rudder or seat, Sealect Designs Fastener Packs are ideal for any kind of outfitting you do to your kayak.
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