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Bending Branches Arrow

Bending Branches Canoe Paddle Arrow

Type: Performance
Sport: Canoe
Weight: 23 oz
Skill Level: Intermediate
Shaft: Straight
Grip: Classic Palm Grip
Shaft Material: 12 Laminate Basswood
Blade Material: Butternut, Basswood, Maple
Blade Size (

Bending Branches Espresso Plus Straight Shaft

Bending Branches Canoe Paddle Espresso Plus

Type: Premium
Sport: Canoe
Skill Level: Advanced
Shaft: StraightGrip: Freestyle Palm Grip
Shaft Material: Solid Basswood
Blade Material: Butternut Basswood
Blade Size (in.): 8 x 20
Blade Surface

Werner Grand Prix 86 Carbon SALE

Gain a softer feel without sacrificing all your blade size. Ultimate performance level uses the most advanced materials and process, gives elite level flex and balance for comfort and performance. It is without the doubt the best value in race paddles, es

Werner Grand Prix 93 Carbon SALE

Preformance Level:

Our Ultimate Performance brings together all of our most advanced designs. Paddles that offer Ultimate Performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water.

Blade Designs:

12 Degree blade to shaft offset is op
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