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NRS Freestyle Wetshoe

A favorite of playboaters, the Freestyle (used to be called the Desperado Sock) gives you warmth and protection in a compact, flexible package.

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe

One of NRS's most versatile shoes, the warm and comfortable NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe, with side zipper entry is easy to put on over bare feet, wetsocks or drysuit socks.

NRS Women's Kicker Remix Wetshoe

The Women's Kicker Remix is one of NRS's most popular wetshoes. It delivers superior insulation, traction and protection in a style designed specifically for women.

NRS Women's Paddle Wetshoe

The NRS Women's Paddle Wetshoe is an excellent choice for all types of boaters. Warm and comfortable, it's an easy fit over bare feet, neoprene socks or drysuit socks.
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