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The Equinox GT is the new, smaller sister to the Solstice GT. Targeting shorter excursions, the Equinox GT delivers wonderful glide, tracking and maneuverability. A perfect kayak for after work cruises and long weekends. The Equinox GT features a secure key-hole cockpit and modest volume storage hatches allowing comfort even when traveling light.

Symmetrical Form: Symmetrical form is just as it sounds. The shape is identical fore and aft from the center point of the kayak.

Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow Arch: These have good initial stability and are highly maneuverable.

Keyhole Cockpit: A keyhole cockpit blends the openness of a recreational cockpit and the integrated thigh braces of a touring cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit, and solid connectivity to the kayak.

Category: N. American Touring

  • All Water
  • High Capacity
  • Seat Backs
  • Rudders

Paddler Size: S-L


Overall Length: 16' 0" (487.68cm)
Width: 24.00" (60.96cm)
Depth: 13.50" (34.29cm)
Cockpit Length: 32.75" (83.185cm)
Cockpit Width: 16.75" (42.545cm)
Stern Hatch Length: 8.00" (20.32cm)
Stern Hatch Width: 16.00" (40.64cm)
Stern Hatch Volume: 20.00Gal. (75.6L)
Bow Hatch Length: 7.00" (17.78cm)
Bow Hatch Width: 15.00" (38.1cm)
Bow Hatch Volume: 13.00Gal. (49.14L)
Max Capacity: 350 lbs
Boat Weight: 47 lbs
Material: Kevlar®

Standard Options

Current Designs Rudder
Sea-lect Designs Foot Brace
Composite Seam
Composite Colors

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